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Toyoor El Mahaba (Birds of Love)

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Toyoor El Mahaba is a story of friendship between a Goose, a duck and a bird who are always stuck together

Contrary to what might be assumed, these 3 birds are not a mother and her chicks but 3 very good friends whose friendship blossomed from their individual stories of struggling to fit in.

The little one, Katkout, has always been too slow to catch up with other birds of his kind as he was exceptionally small but nice and plump so his tiny wings couldn’t help him fly.

little bird in the hand
katkout has tiny wings. Katkout can't fly

He was so frustrated and tired of having to run after his friends to catch up while they walked with their long legs with relaxed ease. Sometimes they even left him alone and flew away to play in the clouds. Oh how he wished he could join them!

The pretty duckling, Batta, didn’t have too many friends because she was too shy to start a conversation.

The shy duckling
Batta is very shy. Too shy to make friends

She was a very kind and loyal friend she knew but she just couldn’t find the courage to speak her mind and so the other birds thought she wasn’t interested in talking to them. Oh how she wished she wasn’t so shy!

Now Wizza the big goose’s story is quite strange. Wizza was born with a very big head. So, the poor goose couldn’t keep her balance and kept falling forward!

The falling goose
Wizza had a big head. She kept falling on her beak!

She wore a hat to hide her big head and wore a scarf to try to keep her neck from bending down but all that happened was that her whole body fell so she landed on her beak every time she tried to walk! Oh how she wished she could walk without falling on her beak!!

The good fortune of these three wishful birdies’ meeting was mainly the work of Batta the pretty duckling. She was shyly hiding in her nest one night thinking of how she would love to make friends when a shooting star flashed suddenly and brightly in the sky! She quickly made her wish before the star disappeared and said in her clearest quack “oh star of the night, star so bright please make my wish come true. For friends who are patient and true. Who like me when I’m quite and even more when I’m blue

After Batta made her wish, she woke up the next morning to a very strange sight! In front of her nest there lay a tiny bird flapping so hard with her tiny wings, looking frustrated and almost angry but getting nowhere. By her side lay a very big headed goose with her beak stuck firmly to the ground. What a sight to see!

She was too shy to approach them at first but then her kind heart couldn’t keep her from helping them, especially that poor Goose! “He..Hello” she said timidly. “mmbmmphmm” replied the goose as politely as she could with her beak stuck in the ground. “Hi! I’m Katkout. Who are you?” Replied Katkout excitedly but impatiently. “My name is..B..Batta M..May you?” “I don’t think you can!” answered back the frustrated Katkout. Batta thought for a few minutes and, as she’s a very bright duckling, came up with an idea. She suggested to Katkout if he would like to sit on the big goose’s tail to help add weight to his back to balance out the weight of his big head. Katkout was frustrated and excitable but he was a friendly and helpful bird too. So he agreed to help the big bird out. Batta helped him on Goose’s tail and started supporting the goose’s body with her own by pushing her this way and that till the Goose’s beak popped out and she cried out “Hi! I’m Wizza!

Katkout was enjoying himself immensely feeling high on top of Wizza’s tail. He kept her from falling forward again with his own weight and had a very exciting roller coaster ride while she got herself stable on her feet.

Since then the three birds have been best of friends and walk together always with Katkout on Wizza’s back and Batta supporting her from the side. So if you’re thinking of joining this friendship you must understand that Batta and Katkout are the only thing keeping Wizza from falling on her beak. If you separate them, Wizza will fall all over again!

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