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"Finding vision and serenity through beauty in art"

Thank you for your interest in getting to know me better : -) My name is Taya Doss. I was raised in an art Center close to the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, I have always been surrounded by art which made me realise the value of being surrounded by beauty to the human spirit. It gives us peace, hope and vision to create new ideas that benefit our world. Wherever we come from our reactions to a beautiful scene is the same and therefore I believe that beauty, through art, can bring out the best in us.

The figurines:

The idea to make my own animal figurines started in 1991 when my younger brother was born and I was too young to possess the means to buy him a toy for his birthday. I didn't like the over-priced, plastic toys on offer in stores, so I taught myself different crafts and created my first toy. 

Though I learned my first toy pattern from a ready-made one in a book, after I learned the technique, I preferred to create my own patterns. I walk around the art Center sometimes to get inspiration from Egyptian nature & animals.

I was encouraged to start selling my animal figurines/toys at Christmas bazaars and seasonal events when I saw people's reaction to the batik animals. 

Today I have my own online shop on Etsy (link below)

Collaborating with YWW batik artists:

I chose to name my work CrochikIT (pronounced Crow-Sheek-it) to describe what I do in one word. I incorporate my crochet work onto batik fiber artwork. I get the batik cloth from my mother's gallery, Yoanna Wissa Wassef. She's an artist and one of the directors of Ramses Wissa Wassef art center (see "about YWW")

I then sew it into handmade figurines, bags, clothes., accessories...etc. Sometimes I'll simply embroider or crochet onto the painting or tablecloth as it is without changing its use. My aim is not to change the artists' work but to tell its story through my craft.  

My workshop:

I have a small workshop in my home at the art centre, with my sewing machine and tiny ironing table (my favourite little tool :-)) where I put some music on and work on my ideas. Whatever the ideas may be at the time inspiration hits, with my two dogs snoozing beside me (where they get their inspiration for mischief ;-) ) They lately inspired me to write a story for each toy I make. The toys' stories are to be found under my blog section.

Batik has so much potential and I''m hoping to live up to my dream of showing it all!     


Batik fibre art Parrot on its maker's shoulder
Picture of the artist selling crochikit work at a christmas bazaar in Egypt
Collage of all Crochikit's handmade creations
Green batik elephant in an orange batik bag
Collage photo of children and adults playing with Crochikit's fibre scultpure toys
animal parade
" all the animals approached the two wise camels of the Egyptian desert, receiving their blessings, they each journeyed the length of the desert to their adoptive persons and peace, once again, reigned..."
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