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"provoking children's imagination through art"

We travelled the world

We travelled the world

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I created this line to be entertaining for children, an heirloom to pass down due to it's unique handmade design and durability, and finally as a decorative ornament for the home as it instantly adds character and colour to a room.To add even more character, I write up a story for each animal & bird and add them to the packaging of the chosen figure. The stories can be found in my blog section. Feel free to read it to your child whether you have the "hero" of the story or not.

Every stitch & thread in these one of a kind figurines is handmade. I sketch the animals & birds from nature then design their patterns myself. I never repeat my designs and use batik from the famous Wissa Wassef art centre because the artists never repeat their freehand designs either (to know more go to the "About Y.W.W batik" section).
The material is all 100% Egyptian cotton. I may sometimes use a mixture of cotton and wool threads for the hair (please read the description of the item to know the details, especially if you have any allergies).

To read the animal's stories  go to "Taya's storytime!" through the toy stories section 

Safety precaution

The eyes are all embroidered for safety instead of stitching an object that could be a choking hazard. Still caution is always recommended, especially if it's a gift for a child under 3 years old or one who still puts things in his/her mouth at a later age. I try to make it as safe as I can by double stitching and sewing from one leg or ear to the other, making it very difficult for the stitch to break but I do not follow the EC declaration of conformity. The EC declaration requires me to set my toy on fire and hang heavy weights from it for testing which I can't do to my one of a kind items.

I sometimes add a squeaky toy to my elephants' ear so kindly contact me to remove it if it's for a child under 3 yrs of age(or one who puts things in their mouth) or make sure the choice you make doesn't contain one. It will be written in the description if it does.









I currently sell my artwork through Etsy and my home at the RWW Art Centre in Egypt.

The packaging consists of a cloth bag containing the figurine, its story and an authenticity label. The Crochikit logo will also be attached to the bag with a sticker on it's back with the Instagram nametag.


To follow my profile on instagram through the nametag please do the following:

 - Open the name tag screen on instagram

 - Press “Scan a Name Tag” at the bottom of your screen

 - A new screen will appear so that you can scan


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