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Ra'ssa the Dancing Donkey

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Ra'ssa means A Dance in Arabic and here's why this sparkling young donkey was named "A Dance"...

Since he was a foal still trying to stand on his new legs, this happy donkey constantly heard music in his head and skipped & danced to every new rhythm that popped into his musical head. He was laughed at sometimes but, most of the time, the other animals, & birds, joined in his infectious joyful steps.

When night time came and everyone else was too tired from all the dancing to stay awake, Ra’ssa would keep on dancing the night away. At first it was just for himself then he found that he entertained the Moon and Stars who sometimes felt bored in the quite of the night. To thank him, the Moon first blew some magic on him so his short grey hair grew into a long blue mane. Then the stars started dropping some of their sparkles onto his new mane so it shone and sparkled so brightly at night that the Dancing donkey became known as “Ra’ssa the Star!”

This is the story of Ra’ssa, would you like to join him in his next dance?

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