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Ma Badry (the too soon) rabbit

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

”Ma badry” is an Egyptian expression used when guests are about to leave and the host wants them to know how much they’re enjoying their company. So as they are preparing to leave, the host says “Ma badry” which literally means “it’s too soon!”. Read on to find out why this elegant Easter bunny got this welcoming nickname 😉

“This elegant young bunny comes from a very small village of very polite rabbits. They constantly say nice things to each other. Even their names are polite expressions in their language (Egyptian Arabic) like; “mateegy” which means “come over, we’d like to see more of you”, the name of a very welcoming restaurant owner who makes the most deeelicious Carrot soup ever “sluurrrp!”. “Bilshifa” which means “in good health” This is the name of the very kind village Doctor naturally. The village on the other hand, was simply named “Aranib”, meaning Rabbits.

The way these happy bunnies were named was very special. After all these were very special bunnies. These were Easter bunnies. Every year Aranib village would hold a competition to pick this year’s Easter bunny. The winner would then get to choose his name. If he can’t think of one, the elders who watched over the younger Aranib, would pick one that most suited his or her personality.

bunny in a bowtie and booties
The winner got beautiful striped booties and a matching bowtie

This year they added a very special prize to honour the winner of the title. The most beautiful, striped booties with a black velvet lining and a matching bowtie!

Our elegant and eager bunny dreamed for months and months of winning that Prize. He trained so hard, for so long and finally managed to hop the highest and get his prize! He was so excited he hopped and hopped and twirled around in mid air doing all sorts of acrobatic leaps and dances when suddenly he heard the whole assembly cry out “Ma Badry! It’s too soon!!

bunny rabbit
Ma Badry the bunny hopped the highest and got his prize!

. It took him a few minutes to realise what was too soon but then he realised that in his excitement he had hopped almost to the edge of the village and forgotten the most important part of the competition, the Naming Ceremony! He started laughing and laughing at himself so the rest of the village felt it was ok to laugh without hurting his feelings (I did tell you this is a very polite village of rabbits 😉). You could hear bunny laughter from miles away as Aranib Village all giggled and squealed while at the same time congratulating our now happily named winner, “Ma Badry”.

So if you decide to add Ma badry to your family, you can rest assured he will be a very welcoming, gracious host to all who enter your household…

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