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Jimmy the good luck elephant

Do you like good luck? Well then you will love the hero of our story. His name is Jimmy the good luck elephant. Would you like to know why? Well then listen carefully to his short but fun-filled adventure!

Jimmy used to be a very quite little elephant who was always dreaming of an adventure. He wasn’t given the nickname Good Luck yet. He was only Jimmy then. What he didn’t know was that one day, that dream of his would come true! That day Jimmy was going to the lake with the rest of the elephant herd as usual, to take his morning bath. He loved his morning bath because it always ended up being a big, fun, splashing, water fight amongst all the other young elephants. Sometimes even the grownups joined in too!

As they were splashing and trumpeting and squealing and even chirping as loudly as expected from excited, happy little elephants, suddenly…they heard a different sound. One elephants never heard before. It wasn’t a lion’s roar . It wasn’t horses neighing either, or a hawk’s screech . Elephants have very big ears so they can hear all the sounds of the African Desert and a very good memory which they remember every animal and bird’s sound with. This, was not the sound of any animal they knew.

When all the other baby elephants were frightened and ran out of the water to be with the grownups, Jimmy was the only one who didn’t feel afraid. He felt excited to get to know this new sound and had a feeling his adventure was about to start…

Jimmy started walking towards the noise with his eyes and ears wide open. All the other elephants kept shouting at him, trying to convince him to stay with the herd but his curiousity and eagerness for an adventure was too much to ignore. Besides, the sound was really beautiful…it made him want to float and dance around.

As he got closer, Jimmy saw two very strange animals. They had only two legs and were skipping and jumping around while a strange box behind them was making that strange but beautiful sound. Jimmy was hidden behind a bushy tree when suddenly, another much louder sound was heard! This time it was a sound he knew well. It was a Lion! The two strange creatures stopped skipping around and looked very frightened. Quickly, Jimmy started to think how to help them. He knew if he trumpeted the lion would recognise his young voice so he needed a grownup elephant to trumpet as loudly as he could. So he quickly ran back to the herd and started shouting so fast they couldn’t understand him at first so he calmed himself down and said: “I need you to trumpet as loudly as you can all together and start stomping on the ground so we can scare the lion off if he thinks it’s an elephant stampede !!” So, even though the elephants were not sure who these new creatures were, they didn’t like the lion who always came to tease them and make trouble for them. So, all together they stretched their trunks as long as they could and started stomping on the ground as loudly as they could and it didn’t take long at all for the lion to run off like a scared kitten!

Jimmy then ran back to check on the creatures but this time, they saw him. He took a few steps back as they started coming towards him though he sensed they were not coming to harm him. The creature with the long hair was making very soothing noises as it came closer so he boldly took a step forward. He didn’t understand what they were saying but he could tell they were saying thank you because they gave him a gift! They very gently placed a light blanket with pretty green leaves on his back. Elephants believed these special leaves bring good luck so when Jimmy returned to his herd with his back covered in them, from that day he was known as JIMMY THE GOOD LUCK ELEPHANT.

Hey, Jimmy wants to tell you his little secret…(whisper:” he hides a little bit of the creatures’ pretty sounds in his right ear to attract new friends” 😉)

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